New York and New Jersey Litigation Service Attorneys

Attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP, have many years of experience analyzing complex business disputes and earning favorable results through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation. For this reason, individuals and businesses across NY and NJ have retained our firm to assist with their legal needs. These engagements include litigation in state and federal, civil, criminal and appellate courts.

Any legal dispute demands prompt attention and insightful counsel. Our lawyers are committed to successfully resolving disputes through an in-depth risk vs. cost assessment and by developing innovative, legally solid strategies. We work to quickly and effectively identify the relevant issues so that our clients can make informed decisions about their claims or cases. Reach out to Pierce & Kwok LLP, in New York City, for answers to your legal questions.

Guidance With All of Your Legal Service Needs in New York, New Jersey, and California

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants across a broad spectrum of financially and personally significant disputes. Our experienced, collaborative legal team’s knowledge and capabilities cover:

  • Hospitality/Alcohol Beverage Law: Representing dealers, distributors, bars, clubs, and restaurants with specific expertise in the alcohol beverage industry
  • Commercial litigation: Ranging from breach of contract cases to allegations of unfair competition, misuse of trade secrets and a wide variety of adversarial corporate dissolutions
  • Construction litigation: Resolving your construction dispute concerns
  • Employment litigation: Guidance through all your employment law issues, from wrongful termination to discrimination disputes
  • Real estate litigation: Ranging from purchase/sale to title issues, boundary disputes and land use, environmental issues
  • Shareholder/partner disputes: Another area in which we have expertise in high-stakes negotiations and trial experience
  • Energy law: Assisting clients in all aspects of the energy and natural resource industries.
  • Insurance defense: Counseling clients on the rights and obligations of the parties under applicable insurance policies
  • Appellate work: At both state and federal court levels
  • All forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR): Such as mediation and arbitration
  • Business torts: Including fraud and interference with business opportunity

Turn To Nimble, Results-Driven Strategists, Negotiators and Trial Lawyers

While we pride ourselves on our skills as trial attorneys, we understand that the goal is to reach a resolution that protects our client’s most vital interests as rapidly and cost-efficiently as possible. Thus, alternatives to trial are always evaluated and explored. We are exceptionally capable in either situation. Our track record demonstrates, our exceptional ability to provide litigation services to national and state-level associations, large national companies and locally owned, closely held businesses.

To schedule a consultation focused squarely on your needs, goals and legal options, please contact us by telephone or email.