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At Pierce & Kwok LLP, our legal team has spent over a combined two decades working hand-in-hand with a wide variety of business clients from the individual entrepreneur to Fortune 500 companies. Expert counsel on all aspects of creating and operating a company, from entity formation and incorporation through corporate policy development including consultation and ongoing guidance with the complex range of employment law issues that effect everyone in today’s corporate market. We regularly provide contract drafting and review across a full range of essential corporate interests and concerns, including asset and stock purchase-and-sale deals, commercial leases, partnership agreements, hardware and equipment acquisition, franchising, as well as the creation of distribution plans and networks. The team at Pierce & Kwok are consistently skilled at analyzing the client’s needs and providing all-inclusive guidance with mergers and acquisitions, and other high value corporate transactions, as well as capitalization, banking strategies, regulatory compliance and insurance issues.

From corporate creation, to front-end employment and financing considerations, including situating your company’s physical premise and/or its position in the market,  to guiding your continued corporate growth and success, Pierce & Kwok is an efficient, accessible, and experienced resource. We are business lawyers in New York, New Jersey, D.C. and California offering steady, reasoned, and creative direction at rates that make sense for today’s entrepreneur. Contact our lawyers here or call in to schedule a consultation concerning the legal or business issue you’re facing.

Creative, Thoughtful and Grounded Counsel for Your Company – No Matter it’s Stage and Pace
The attorneys at Pierce & Kwok are, to varying degree, serial entrepreneurs. We innately appreciate the paradigms and pressures a start-up faces from inception through its growth trajectory. We understand overhead costs as well as balancing risks vs. potential rewards, and we bring an enormous wealth of long term experience in smart but conservative valuation, which allows our clientele to lean on us for an even-handed range assessment of any ROI. Our cross country range has also expanded to include companies from bio-tech to retail to production to service oriented concerns. With the right counsel, people who intrinsically understand and truly wish to help, your business will be enabled to soundly navigate its path. Proven strengths include:

This is where Pierce & Kwok can provide both legal and business consultation that is incomparable in its value, efficiency, and expertise. Too often do entrepreneurs face frustration on the front end of their designs due to generic advice, not custom tailored nor balanced as regards need vs. capacity. This is where we excel.

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Publishing agreements, intellectual property deals, licensing agreements, contractor contracts, employment agreements, commercial leases, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements etc. We’ve been on both sides of the table for each of these and understand most contractual agreements from multiple angles.

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  • Financing: Regularly one of the first matters to address. Pierce & Kwok LLP brings accomplished knowledge, and practical experience, to the entrepreneurial enigma of debt and equity capital acquisition.
  • M&A: Mergers and acquisitions require a in-depth attention to a deal’s detail, especially in the thorough study and exploration of the seller’s business. Reviewing asset values including corporate debt, incoming revenue, and tax liabilities are often moving targets that require focused, experienced counsel.
  • Continuing guidance and counsel: The partners and associates at Pierce & Kwok take pride in their ability to be an ongoing team player necessary through the lifespan of your business. All the growth challenges facing your successful enterprise can be addressed as we move into your outsourced general counsel. Vendor agreements, employment advice, licensing arrangements, insurance review, and corporate policy development are all handled with the closely-held care and proficiency by the attorneys at P&K.
  • Regulatory compliance: As a corporate entity in the United States, you will consistently faced with an often daunting set of regulatory parameters. There is little we have not faced, absorbed, and then molded into the most useful permutation for a wide variety of clients.
  • Securities Matters: We litigate and advise on securities matters related to stock loan fraud, broker-dealer commission fees, and investment losses.

If you’re looking for the security of knowing your counsel has true command of business startup law in your jurisdiction, reach out. At Pierce & Kwok LLP, we enjoy the opportunity to help business-minded people dial in the law to their advantage.