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Contracts are the basis of business. A legal action focused around a breach of contract can be about enforcing the terms of the contract and therefore the rights of our clients, or, in some circumstances, litigating with the goal of demonstrating a specific contract is not enforceable, either as against general public policies, or simply because the drafting is poor or even unworkable under the law.  Pierce & Kwok has decades of combined experience Breach of Contract Applying decades of combined experience drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts.

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Our legal team, many with backgrounds in large law firms, provides comprehensive legal services to a wide range of business and individual clients and, as a well-established boutique law firm in New York City, we can focus on providing quality services without billing clients for the costs of training brand-new lawyers or maintaining a large organization. Not only are we able to negotiate and draft contracts that will go far in helping all parties avoid expensive litigation, but we’re able to surgically diagnose the potential vagaries of a contract should those gray areas help our clientele. No matter the dispute, we provide balanced counsel regarding strategy and expense in complex litigation nationwide. Our extensive client roster includes many of New York City’s largest music venues, some of its most well known contracting companies, as well as national tech companies, biotech firms, banks, and brokerage firms. We’ve managed litigations across a great range of commercial sectors. Contact our New York law firmfor superior counsel that protects your interests but understands the bottom line.

Resolving Contract Disputes through Negotiation and, if Necessary, Arbitration and Litigation
Whether you’re facing differing interpretations of a contract to which you are a party, or a disingenuous adversary who has volitionally breached an agreement they had knowingly entered into, we can advise you on the contract at issue and help you find resolution to your conflict as efficiently as possible. Here in NYC, our reputation as skilled litigators has many large international firms, business owners, majority shareholders, and in-house corporate counsel turning to us for representation. A brief overview of cases we regularly encounter:

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