New York and New Jersey Litigation Attorneys

Attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP have a decade of experience investigating, evaluating and resolving complex business disputes through discussion, negotiation, and, if necessary, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and/or litigation. Our attorneys have, via hundreds of state and federal litigations, demonstrated the full range of command required in a wide variety of cases including unfair competition, defamation, unauthorized use of IP and/or trade secrets, breach of contract, and the full spectrum of unfair business practices from fraud and false advertising through allegations of misrepresentation.

We represent both individuals and businesses, largely in New York City’s five boroughs, but also across all of New York State, New Jersey, California, and the District of Columbia, in state, federal, civil, criminal, landlord tenant, administrative, regulatory, and appellate courts.

At Pierce & Kwok LLP,  the real difference is honest and direct discussion, creative solutions, and utilizing balanced means designed to reach those ends. We’ll let you know what your claim is worth, its likelihood of success, and how much time and money it will take to get there.  Clients regularly reach out to us frustrated and confused as to their rights and the correct path forward. Reach out and a consultation will enable you to make informed decisions about you matter.  Also, feel free to call in for immediate answers to your legal questions.

Guidance With All of Your Legal Service Needs in New York and New Jersey.

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants and  across a broad spectrum of financially and personally significant disputes. Our experienced, collaborative legal team’s knowledge and capabilities cover:

Ranging from breach of contract cases to sharholder/partner disputes, allegations of fraud and unfair competition, misuse of trade secrets and a wide variety of adversarial corporate dissolutions.

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New York labor law offers a regularly shifting maze of regulatory requirements. So much so that the state’s labor department often oversteps their boundaries. We have successfully tried and won cases in front of the departments labor judges.​

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Construction disputes often represent their own particular brand of complexity and multiparty relationships. We recurrently and aptly handle these matters and have represented all sides including numerous contractors, subcontractors, architects, and property owners.​

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Disputes and litigation have the potential to seriously disrupt the operation of your business. We have more than 20 years of combined experience handling legal matters for entrepreneurs and small to medium-growth private-sector businesses, including both internal and external disputes. 

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We regularly counsel clients on their rights and obligations under a relevant insurance policy. Insurance companies have an aversion to paying out on claims. Don’t be bullied. We recognize that almost no one has read their various insurance policies through. We know how to locate pertinent terminology within them and use that to acquire your monies.

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Pierce & Kwok LLP

We are Litigators by Trade, but Only if Absolutely Necessary.

While we’re able to handily won both state and federal trials, decided by both judges and juries alike, we shrewdly work to avoid litigation and seek out resolution through resolve, negotiation, and leverage. The ultimate goal is always to 1) Protect our client’s interests and 2) Do it as cost-efficiently as possible. We’ll work tirelessly to keep your matter from the courts. But if we must, we’re trial lawyers, well-schooled in the art and angles of the complex processes and filings in a full-tilt litigation.

To schedule a consultation please contact us by telephone or email. If nothing else, you’ll receive an immediate set of highly useful, and hopefully relieving, information.