Real Estate

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Pierce & Kwok LLP represents clients in all aspects of real estate development, transactions and litigation. We provide clear, practical advice to help clients achieve their business goals, whether it involves a residential or commercial leasing transaction, a home, condo, or co-op purchase or sale, a complex securitized financing, or a development proposal. In each matter, we define success the same way: by meeting the client’s objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Real Estate Leasing

Pierce & Kwok LLP is highly skilled and very experienced in representing landlords and tenants in a variety of commercial leasing transactions, including build-to-suit leases, turnkey leases, tenant improvement allowance leases, subleases, office leases, retail leases, warehouse and industrial leases, and manufacturing facility leases. Leases carry a variety of business and legal risks, and sophisticated clients understand that a well-negotiated lease can not only save significant time and money in the future, but also prove a major asset in a sale of the business. Many lease and sublease transactions require an assessment and allocation of costs, benefits and risks. We understand the need to negotiate and document the transaction quickly, while minimizing our client’s legal and business risks. Pierce & Kwok LLP advises clients on sustainable development matters, including those related to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating systems. We counsel building owners and construction firms on the practical risk allocation, contracting scheme, and organization of a project team, for a green building project.


The Law Office of Pierce & Kwok, PLLC can handle the most detailed and complex matters – without ever losing focus on how the matter relates to our client’s overall business goals. That means we will get the right people at the right level doing the right work for you from the start.