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Every company requires a wide variety of business agreements in order to be operational. Knowing how to draft and negotiate them according to industry parameters as well as municipal, state, and federal law requires experienced skill and talented writing capabilities. This is where the attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP excel.  In order to completely protect your interests, thorough client consultation and attention to detail in drafting are absolutely necessary.


At Pierce & Kwok LLP, through consistent, studied business and legal consultation, we have helped create and grow  hundreds of businesses. Common contracts include:

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Prevent Future Litigation Through Careful Contract Drafting

The majority of lawsuits and commercial disputes generally are derived from poorly drafted contracts. Careful drafting from the beginning can help avoid far more expensive debate in the future. Whether it is a non-compete agreement with an employee or a contract with a vendor, your contracts should provide solutions to potential conflicts and address all of your business needs. In the event litigation becomes necessary regardless, Pierce & Kwok LLP provides experienced legal help to help ensure that your contract addresses your concerns, protects your rights and is enforceable in the event of commercial litigation. We can review the contracts you are asked to sign, represent you in negotiations regarding business transactions, and prepare the business agreements and contracts your firm needs to run its business.

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