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Our senior partners are actually multiple bar and restaurant owners and formerly seasoned operators, a fact that sets us apart from almost every other NYC liquor-licensing counsel. There is little if anything we haven’t seen. In matters regarding the hospitality industry in general, and of alcohol beverage law specifically, few firms have experience approaching that of the attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP. We actively represent dozens of restaurants, bars and music venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The firm has a well-respected New York-based reputation in the beverage industry for its experience in licensing, regulatory compliance, administrative proceedings and sophisticated litigation.

Our firm is well known for representing clients in all aspects pertaining to the Alcohol Beverage Control Law, (ABC). Our goal is often to help a client efficiently acquire, and keep, their liquor license. The reputed New York restaurant attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP, help our clients from beginning through to the end. We can assist with obtaining financing or capital, business formation, leasing or purchasing property and contract negotiation. In addition, we help our clients in matters such as liquor licensing, Fire Marshall Proceedings, intellectual property, contracts, tort liability, employment and labor issues and, if necessary, litigation.

Experienced Liquor Licensing Attorneys specializing in NYC-based Bars and Restaurants

We’ve successfully licensed numerous bars and restaurants across NYC and upstate. Our firm works closely with its hospitality clients to ensure that all of their licensing is in order prior to opening for business. Additionally, we remain steadfast in helping clients maintain their licenses, keeping them up to date, in good standing, and pursue amendments as necessary. We can assist you in obtaining a liquor license, health department permit, sidewalk café permit, cabaret license and any other license issued by the New York State Liquor Authority, Department of Health, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of State, Federal Tax and Trade Bureau, or State Tax Department.


Our New York-based liquor licensing and hospitality attorneys regularly provide clients with seasoned advice and counsel regarding:

  • The NYC Department of Health (DOH) and The New York State Liquor Authority. (NYSLA) We Provide licensing and compliance services on behalf of hundred of hospitality-driven entrepreneurs, including numerous NYC-based bars and restaurants, theaters, “pop-ups”, catering companies, golf courses and other private clubs.
  • NYSLA Violations, DOH Violations, Criminal NYPD Violations, Fines and Letter Grades. We enjoy backing and defending numerous bars, restaurants, clubs, music venues, hotels, entertainment complexes and other businesses when the multitude of regulatory agencies inspect and ticket for alleged compliance failures. We’re always in court, in front of the NYSLA Commission, arguing at a DOH hearing, or advocating at the Department of Buildings, or NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Consulting with industry members with regard to grey-areas in the regulatory landscape. We are experienced in obtaining advisory opinions from the NY State Liquor Authority with regard to proprietary and novel concepts that fall within the bounds of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws.
  • Attorney certification for obtaining a liquor license in New York State. Liquor License Applications can take several months from the date of submission to materialize into active and working licenses. Our ability as attorneys able to “self-certify” the application can shave weeks from the process, often saving the business owners thousands of dollars by becoming operational much sooner than otherwise possible.

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Our senior partners are actually multiple bar and restaurant owners and former operators, a fact that sets us apart from almost every other NYC liquor-licensing counsel. There is little if anything we haven’t seen. Reach out to lawyers at Pierce & Kwok LLP and we will provide the strategy and information you might need at any stage of your business’ trajectory. Please call or email us at Pierce & Kwok LLP.