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Located in Tribeca, New York City, the Law Offices of Pierce & Kwok have a history of success in entertainment and intellectual property law. We have a reverence for the artist and producer and know how to protect and expand their creative property. Few firms match our skill in navigating entertainment business culture, custom and law; many of us have had careers in these industries and continue to invest in them. We represent emerging artists, established talents and the institutions that showcase their work across all media—from theater, music, film, television, theatre and digital entertainment.

We advise and counsel numerous record labels, recording studios, film production companies, producers, artists, and performers, from up-and-coming hopefuls, to established acts and artists. Protection of our client’s rights is of paramount importance. Over the years we have drafted all manner of contracts for producers and film production companies, musical acts and record companies, songwriters, actors, and authors. Having the right agreements in place is very important especially to start up ventures. Having the right partnership agreements in place counts especially when success often occurs after the deal is in place. We can make sure the deal goes right from the start. We are a broad-based practice focusing primarily on the music and motion picture industries, counseling clients in connection with disputes and dispute avoidance in areas that include contracts, copyright, licensing, trademark, false advertising, unfair competition, First Amendment, defamation and internal investigations.

Whether you are a veteran or just starting out, Pierce & Kwok LLP will help you navigate and manage your entertainment career and business. As entertainment attorneys we specialize in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for athletes, actors, and other celebrities. This specialty grants us insight into common loopholes that may not otherwise have our clients’ best interests at heart. Whether you are just beginning, or have been in the business for many years, a free consultation with the Law Offices of Pierce & Kwok, PLLC, can only be of significant benefit. See our more specific offerings below.

STRATEGY SESSION: These sessions are designed to provide you with a personalized path and best chance at success in the entertainment industry. We assess strengths and use our substantial bi-coastal network of managers, publicists, producers and social-media masters to put you on a path to the next level of success.

CONTRACT REVIEW: The entertainment industry is filled with cautionary tales. Let Pierce & Kwok LLP review your contract; explain to you what is missing, and what shouldn’t be in there.

CONTRACT DRAFTING: Pierce & Kwok LLP regularly drafts complex customized agreements tailored to an endless array of relationships designed to monetize your product. Professional, experienced counsel is essential and will help avoid any unnecessary confusion or confrontations down the road.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: You need a strong advocate if you are going to get the most out of your career or business. Our firm brings its substantial mediation and dispute resolution skills to the table in a constant effort to find talent the best deal available in contract negotiations.


BUSINESS SERVICES: Whether you are an entertainer or an entertainment industry professional, our firm understands that a successful entertainment career must be treated like a business, because that is precisely what it is. With our firm’s attentive and creative assistance, you will start off on the right path from the onset of your career. Check out the firm’s Business Start-Up Services for more information.


IP MANAGEMENT: The Firm is ready to manage and protect all of your creative works – from songs to films, and everything in between, as well as brand name and/or logo. Check out the firm’s Intellectual Property Services for more information.