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We offer a full range of services to our individual clients. We solve problems. Whether you have been injured in an accident or on the job, you need to prepare a will or to obtain a land use permit, you are going through a divorce or  pursuing a complicated business transaction, or you are simply looking for a lawyer’s perspective, we offer the knowledge, creativity, and commitment you need.

 We represent entrepreneurs. Consequently, our representation of individuals is rarely limited to one area of the law. You can expect us to employ cross-disciplinary thinking to help you realize your business goals. Some business areas that we focus on are listed below. Our New York business attorneys will try to put themselves in your shoes to identify optimal solutions for you and your business

Entity Choice, Formation and Maintenance

Many clients come to our attorneys because they need advice on starting a new business. Working closely with our business clients, we help them select the proper legal entity corporation, limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership, or S-Corporation, C-Corporation and then create the business entity. Our attorneys provide similar services for existing businesses that need restructuring and/or must convert from one type of legal entity to another. But large successful entities often begin with an individual with a dream and a design. We enjoy helping those solo-preneurs on their path to realization.


Legal disputes don’t come neatly packaged. Fortunately, many can be settled before a lawsuit or other formal proceeding begins; others however, may require a trial for resolution. When a client comes to us with a dispute, we listen carefully to all the details. We then evaluate our client’s position and make recommendations for a resolution consistent with his or her goals. We take a practical, common sense approach to such matters, and explore all avenues possible to assist and better protect our clients. That is why we’re able to represent individuals as well as companies. We listen and provide balanced strategic counsel always attending to a practical, business-minded risk-benefit analysis. Ultimately, we focus on finding dispute-resolution options that protect rather than interfere with the business activities of our clients.

Succession Planning

We regularly advise clients regarding succession strategies with a focus on transferring business ownership to other family members, management groups and third-party purchasers in a tax-effective manner.


In addition to the areas above, we counsel individuals (including high net worth individuals) on contract issues and shareholder rights and relations.

Guidance With All of Your Legal Service Needs in New York and New Jersey.

We’re entertainment attorneys and have been involved in all aspects of the industry here in New York City for over 20 years. We work with a great variety of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and actors. See our entertainment law page.

Pierce & Kwok LLP

Criminal Law

Entrepreneurs as well as those in the entertainment and hospitality industries will occasionally cross the line of the law in pursuit of their success and their enjoyment of it. Several attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP have significant experience in criminal defense work having worked with or for both government entities and some of the most successful criminal defense counsels in all of New York. A lot of the infractions, violations, misdemeanors and felonies alike are regularly faced down with a seasoned and steady hand, working tirelessly for our clients as  zealous defense advocates providing the best legal representation tailored specifically to each individual client.