Energy Law

Our Energy Practice delivers the combined legal experience of a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers together with an in-depth understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of the energy industry to bring transactions, regulatory proceedings, and disputes to successful completion.

The attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP, understand both the traditional principles and evolving trends that apply to established and emerging energy industry participants, which allows us to help our clients stay in front of (rather than just reacting to) the changes, small and large, that face the industry.

Energy law is replete with many complex and often evolving facets. Whether it is rules on developing, exploring, and storing energy, or regulations on marketing, transporting and processing it, our New York based attorneys can help you. The attorneys at Pierce & Kwok LLP, have assisted numerous businesses in this complicated practice area. We can explain all of your energy law options to you.

For answers to all of your energy law questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our New York-based law firm. We provide solutions to clients on both sides of the country.

Resolving Energy Law Issues Throughout New York and the United States

You can rely on our energy law attorneys to assist you in all aspects of the energy and natural resource industries. In particular, we have a deep understanding of these industries:

  • Alternative energy (solar, wind, etc.)
  • Natural gas
  • Oil, oil resources and gas
  • Electric

We also have extensive knowledge of energy regulations and how to comply with the stringent requirements place on businesses throughout the United States. You can rely on our firm for advice through any energy law concern.

Lawyers You Can Count On for Alternative Energy Answers

Contact our law firm online or schedule a consultation by calling our Tri State area law office at (212) 882-1752. Whether it is alternative energy, oil and gas, or another area of ambiguous energy law regulation, we can help.